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Enhance learning and academic performance, balance emotion and behavior, and help treat a variety of conditions such as ADHD,  sensory processing disorders, learning disabilities, and anxiety with Pediatric Occupational Therapy at Inner Connections. Your child will grow happier and healthier--thriving both at home and at school.



Feel more relaxed and in control, feel connected to your children and parenting from your heart.  The missing link that is often overlooked when parenting is taking care of yourself.  Learn how to put on your "oxygen mask" first and learn tools to free yourself from your own childhood wounds to become the parent you always dreamed of being.



Feel calm and relaxed, in control of stress, and capable of handling whatever life brings your way with a variety of services for Women at Inner Connections. These treatments are designed to help you recover from past traumatic events or simply cope with everyday stress and strain.

Inner Connections
Michelle Mintz, OTR/L, CST, CTACC


Every part of our lives are connected.  When our nervous systems are stressed or in fight/flight we can not function at our best.  My work is about calming the nervous system so you can live a more relaxed, connected life.

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