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Meet Michelle

My name is Michelle Mintz. I have worked in the healing field as an occupational therapist, bodyworker and coach for the past 23 years now. I have been fascinated by neuroscience and the inner connections of the body as well as, intrigued by the wisdom of the body and that when we are calm and quite enough to listen, we know exactly what we need.  In this crazy, chaotic world, now more than ever, we need to learn how to relax, listen and provide our own self-care.  Calming the nervous system and self-care have become an integral part of all my work.    

In a field where you are constantly giving it’s easy to get tired and burned out.  I found myself attending hundreds of hours of continuing education conferences just so I could get some R&R. After each conference, I would leave on a high note, feeling rested yet invigorated and connected to both myself and colleagues. However, within a few days of getting home, back to work and back into daily life, I would feel drained and exhausted again. (YOU CAN RELATE, CAN’T YOU!) If you are shaking your head YES, then you need to take my quiz.

Then I had an AHA moment: I realized that these courses had become an obsession – actually, it was the feeling after the courses that I was craving. I had to figure out how to capture that feeling myself at home on a day to day basis. And so my self-care journey began. It started out slow, with some resistance. I had learned a gazillion tools to use with clients but I could not figure out how to make them habits for myself. It was like going to the gym for the first time, I had to develop my self-care muscles. I hired various coaches over the years to help me and slowly started making that commitment to myself.

Now I have a very consistent “almost” daily self- care practice. It is not perfect - if I miss a day of my self- care though, I immediately notice a difference in how I feel in my body and mind, even how the flow of my day goes. Now I am aware of my needs and am able to choose a self-care activity that my body, mind and spirit need to regroup and incorporate the tool into the next day.  


What people say when working with me:

"Michelle's work cleared up my headaches and helped me realize what feelings and experiences had been stored as tension in my neck and jaw. Not only did I feel pain relief, but I felt clearer and more connected to myself."

-JG, West Bloomfield, MI



"I was having difficulty at work.  I was not able to focus, I was often confused and forgetful.  Through our work together, I have learned how to be more present in the moment and more connected to my body.  The Integrated Listening Program really improved my concentration and my listening power.  Thanks for taking care of me so well and guiding me in the right direction to overcome my struggles. " S.B.- west Bloomfield



"I struggled with coordination of movement my entire life! This impacted me in many ways.  You were able to help me find answers to questions that the Medical Model could not provide.  I am so thankful and happy that I found you and your services!  There are not many practitioners out there who offer what you do and have the knowledge that you possess! It has been life-changing for me! Thank you!" D. H.- St. Clair Shores

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