May 31, 2015

 In April,  Dr. Nima Rahmany came to MI.  He is a chiropractor who likes to call himself an EDUTAINER.  He writes rap songs to educate his audience. One of his songs was titled “Pills Don’t Teach Skills”.  I love this saying.  As a pediatric occupational therapist, I h...

April 16, 2015


Time flies!  It's hard to believe that I have been an Occupational Therapist for 20 years.  I have learned a few life changing lessons along the way.  With careful reflection, I share those lessons below.  Enjoy!


1. Loving what you do, takes the ef...

April 6, 2015


What is Sensory Processing?

Sensory processing is a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into responses. Sensory integration is a normal, neurological, developmental process which begins in the womb and continu...

April 2, 2015

What is Occupational Therapy?  Everyone has an occupation or job. A kid's occupation is to grow, learn, do schoolwork, and play. Occupational therapy (or OT) helps kids who have a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability carry out these activities. Some examples of c...

March 16, 2015

I often get people canceling their appointments at the last minute because “they are too stressed to come in.” I find a lot of humor in this because that is the exact reason you are coming to see me — to reduce your stress! And now is the absolute perfect time to see h...

March 10, 2015

I got this great email the other day that I thought was so fabulous I wanted to share it with you.


A lecturer was explaining stress management to his audience.  He raised a glass of water and asked, “How heavy is this glass of water?”  Answers called out ranged between...

January 1, 2015


I know everyone has their own New Year’s resolutions to focus on.  Well mine is to spend more time focusing on my own self-care.  This includes ways to nurture myself not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.


Before vacation, I had an interesti...

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20 Life Changing Lessons from 20 years of being an Occupational Therapist

April 16, 2015

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