Remember the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?  We all fall into habits and patterns that don’t serve us anymore.  Coaching can help you to look at your life, dream big, create goals with a plan to achieve whatever it is you want for your life!

A coach inspires, encourages, supports, guides and challenges you. The coach's number one focus is your success.

Is coaching the right fit for me?
  1. You are aware enough to know that you want something different in your life.

  2. You want to improve your health and overall well being

  3. You have a growth mindset

  4. You are willing to make small changes that eventually will lead to big ones

  5. You are open to doing things in new and different ways

  6. You take responsibility for your life and how it is working

  7. You will be honest with yourself, the coach and the process

  8. You are accountable for your own results

People often want to know how coaching is different from therapy.  Coaching focuses on the future rather than the past. Coaching helps you find solutions and new ways of acting and thinking to reach your goals.  Coaching is a co-creative process between you and the coach. Coaching assumes you are creative, resourceful and have your own answers when guided in the right way to find them.

What is a Discovery Session?

 A Discovery Session is complimentary so you can experience the magic of coaching. During this session, you will: 

  1. Complete a process called the Wheel of Life and uncover the areas of your life that are causing you the most stress and loss of energy.

  2. Prioritize an area of life that, if was different, would have the greatest impact on your overall quality of life and well being.  

  3. Leave the session with at least one action item for you to begin feeling hopeful and inspired