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 Helping Kids Succeed  

You have this hunch that something is not right with your child.  Your pediatrician tells you to hold off and your child will outgrow it.  

The problems just get more intense.


I know this first hand.  It wasn't that long ago that simple life tasks, such as getting dressed, seemed impossible because my child would launch into a screaming fit.  I know the huge emotional ups and downs you face, never knowing what to expect.  I know what it's like to not be able to go to birthday parties or events with a lot of people and commotion.  (For more information about parenting support CLICK HERE​ to visit my Parents page and Calm Parent Experience program.


One of my children suffers from a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  Her nervous system was in a high state of arousal all the time, which meant she lived as though she was in fight/flight mode most of the time.  

It is estimated that 1 in 20 children now suffer from this disorder.   The latest research by UCSF shows that children affected with SPD have quantifiable differences in brain structure, which shows a biological basis for this disease. SPD  is also very common with other diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism, Speech and Language Delay, Auditory Processing Disorder and Learning Disabilities, etc. 


All skills and functions that occur are a result of Central Nervous System (CNS) processing and responses. The information comes in through the sensory systems and the outputs of effective processing are motor skills, speech and language skills, cognitive skills and psychosocial skills. The output indicates how well the CNS is processing. When there is a breakdown in any of the skills above it is critical to address the nervous system and improve the connections in the brain.


All the treatments at Inner Connections, focuses on improving brain processing using touch, movement and auditory input.  Some of these therapies include CranioSacral Therapy, Rhythmic Movement and Reflex Integration, Integrated Listening System and Interactive Metronome.




My sons both suffered childhood trauma, have improved in so mamy ways. They are calmer, more in touch with their bodies. Their nervous systems just seem to work more efficiently. They love Michelle's sweet and gentle personality and always look forward to appointments. Thank you.  -MP, Waterford

The brain has no knowledge until connections are made between neurons.  
                      All that we know, all that we are, comes from the way our neurons are connected.

                                                    Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web (W3C)

Inner Connections can help if your child struggles with:

• Everyday Activities such as getting dressed sleeping, or eating

• Coordination, clumsiness, and disorganization

• Behavior or sensory processing issues

• Learning difficulties, including trouble with handwriting, reading, spelling or math

• Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, developmental delays

• Speech and language difficulties

• Anxiety and/or depression

• Lack of focus and poor attention

• Stress, moodiness, and/or quirky behavior

• Tantrums and meltdowns

• Difficulty with homework

During your first visit to Inner Connections, we will review your child’s developmental and health history and conduct additional evaluations. Then, we will set goals for your child and determine a treatment plan which will be most effective in order to meet your goals.

At Inner Connections, children are seen in person and/or home programs are recommended.  Many families for a variety of reasons are unable to come weekly, do not be discouraged,  there is always something we can do to help your child.  

The nervous system requires intensity, frequency and duration to change, Inner Connections will also recommend and oversees home programs.  These may include: a sensory diet, specific movements or exercises and/or a sound therapy program, as well as, behavior modifications and environmental changes.  To truly make the gains you desire, it is essential to follow through on the suggestions for home programs. 

Imagine what your life will be like when:

• The activities of daily living flow and do not consume so much time and energy

• Your child can focus and attend

• Your child learns easily to do new tasks and enjoys trying new activities

• You can enjoy outings and parties with your family and friends

• Your child is more calm, relaxed and happier

• Your child is more coordinated and may enjoy sports or dance

• Improved speech and academics

• Improved handwriting

• Your child is better able to self-regulate

• Improved relationships with family and peers

• Your child is having less tantrums and meltdowns

• Homework is easier to get done

More happy kids

Michelle completely opened up our son's entire world. By working with him to strengthen his body, and in turn, his spirit, he is a happy, healthy, thriving three-year-old. Michelle taught my husband and I many "sensory diet" techniques that we still use to help our son through his day.

Working with Michelle changed our lives. We are so grateful for our time with her. Not only did Michelle provide us  support, knowledge and tools to help with our son's challenges, she ultimately gave our family peace, happiness and hope. It is a gift I am thankful for every single day. -E.S., Ferndale, MI


I am a nurse who highly refers my clients, family, and friends for CranioSacral Therapy with Michelle. She has a thorough understanding of the mechanisms and interaction of the body and the soul. Patients feel very safe to express their concerns to Michelle. She helps move them to a "better place” physically, emotionally, spiritually. -PM, Oak Park, MI

We brought our daughter A., who has developmental delays due to seizures, to Michelle to try CranioSacral Therapy and whatever other tools she had. Michelle is a very caring and patient practitioner with a gentle approach.  She has taught us lot about the techniques needed to help our daughter. Ever since we have been seeing Michelle, A. has been more focused and attentive.  Her expressive speech and articulation have also improved.  And we have seen these changes in a short amount of time.  -JS. Farmington Hills, MI

We came to work with Michelle two years ago, because our daughter was having daily tantrums and behavior issues that actually caused her to be kicked out of school.  Her tantrums would sometimes last 45 minutes or longer.  Within two visits, Michelle was able to identify what was going on with her and explain it to us. Michelle had a wide variety of tools to help her at therapy and at home.  Our daughter is now thriving.


She has now developed the ability to recognize and label her needs and she has developed a sense of calming and self- regulation in all areas of her life from school to meals to home relationships and some responsibilities.  Our daughter's autonomy has improved a thousand percent all due to her confidence and sense of self control, modulation and regulation. So proud we found Michelle to help us on our journey toward independence and gaining our daughter back!   E.S and D.S- West Bloomfield

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