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 Parenting Possibilities 

Being a parent is a stressful job! And being a parent of a special needs child can come with more challenges!  Not only do you live with the typical day to day stress but also a whole series of emotions and battles with and for your child. With everything on your plate, you can't afford NOT to take care of yourself. The missing link, I realized, is your own nervous system regulation.  This is not about more parenting advice and things you should do for your child.  My colleague, Stacey Beyer and I developed a transformational program, Calm Parent Experience, to help parents in becoming more calm, confident, and connected from the inside out.

Having worked with children with SPD for over 28 years, plus being a sensory parent myself, I know what you are experiencing first hand. For years, II struggled silently because I thought I was an OT and should know what to do. I attended conference after conference trying to find a way to "fix" my child. The big AHA for me was that I was the one that actually needed help in supporting my own nervous system.

The key to finding hope from the day to day chaos was regulating my own nervous system. Our program, the Calm Parent Experience, brings you our best practices for creating peace and inner connection for yourself, your child and family. This program runs live twice a year or recorded as a webinar.  It is also available as a stand alone coaching program for parents.


The Calm Parent Experience
can help if you are:

• Struggling just living with day to day stress

• Experiencing tension, tightness, and pain in your body

• Living with constant feelings of guilt, frustration, hopelessness, anger, sadness

  about your situation

• Taking care of everyone else but yourself

• Making excuses for not giving yourself what you need? Possibly not enough time or not

  enough money

• When was the last time you were out with friends or even you husband?

Truly, the best gift you can give your family is taking care of yourself.  Practicing self-care allows you to be more loving, gentle, calm and more connected to yourself, thereby tapping into your inner wisdom and truly listening to your inner voice.

Our Calm Parent Experience program includes 8 steps:   

1) Create a new vision for your parenting journey

2) Experience "calm and stillness" from the inside out.

3) Learn an easy model for changing thoughts, feelings, actions to create a better results in the world.

4) Discover a simple tool for seeing your child's perfections.

5) Foster positive self-care habits for overall wellness

6) Modify your environments to set you up for greater success.

7) Reconnect with your purpose and passion beyond your children.

8) Celebrate your accomplishments

This 8 week program is done either in person or over the phone. Each session will give you a chance to feel relaxed in your body, release stress and built up tension, changing your thoughts and beliefs which hold you back and limit you.  A coach inspires, encourages, supports, guides and challenges you. The coach's number one focus is your success.

Imagine what parenting would be like when:

• You are training for a marathon not a sprint

• You are able to breath and feel calm and relaxed  

• You are free of old wounds and feeling that hold you back

• You are grounded and could truly be present and playful with your children on a daily basis

• Your heart is open and you are taking the time you need to be nurtured and nourished daily, weekly and monthly

• You are modeling good self care and your passion for your children


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