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"An empty lantern provides no light. Self care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly". Anonymous

How is your Self- Care?

1) What is your self care attitude?

  • I am too busy taking care of everyone else

  • I think about it but have no idea what to do

  • I know its important and make time for myself a few times per week

  • I am my own #1 priority and always put my oxygen mask on first and have a consistent, daily self care practice

2)  When I practice Self Care:

  • I am distracted, thinking about my to do list

  • I feel guilty and selfish

  • OK

  • Fantastic! Full, loving, joyful and focused

3)  On a daily basis I feel:  

  • Tired

  • Un-motivated

  • I get basic things done

  • Full of energy and life

4) The pace of my life is:

  • Non-stop, I never know if I am coming or going

  • The only time I sit down is to go to the bathroom

  • I spend 5-15 minutes a day of "Me Time."

  • Relaxed and peaceful. I can breathe and plan my life

5) When I make a mistake,

  • I say nasty words to myself

  • I get stuck in my head about what I did

  • I am unforgiving of myself and I may take it out on others

  • I give myself self love and self compassion- all humans make mistakes

6)  My physical health is:

  • I have a health issue such as diabetes, autoimmune disorder or heart condition

  • I do not have a health issue but feel lousy and do not know why

  • I have a clean bill of health from a doctor

  • I feel fantastic and take full responsibility for my own health and lifestyle

7)  I do work that is:

  • Boring and unmotivating

  • Too easy- I feel complacent

  • I like my work but there are areas that I could grow

  • Ful-filling, rewarding and fills me with a sense of purpose

8)  When I feel stressed,

  • I engage in bad habits such as eating, shopping, smoking, over-exercising, etc.

  • I yell at my family or take it out on others

  • I tune out or shut down

  • I take a time out to reconnect with what I need in the moment

9) I take part in activities and hobbies I love

  • Yearly

  • Quarterly

  • Monthly

  • Weekly

10)  I love to spend time with:

  • Noone, I have a lot of alone time

  • I spend most of my time wtih my immediate family

  • I occassionally get together with people who light me up

  • I have an abundance of support and companionship

Congrats on taking the first step for yourself! There was no right or wrong answer, only what is true for you. This quiz was designed to enhance your awareness and bring attention to areas of your life that may need some more love and care. All areas of your life are connected like a pebble dropped in a pond which ripples out.  Whether it is your thoughts and attitudes, physical health, social health or your work life, creating a daily habit of self-care will enhance your overall quality of health, well-being and joy.  

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