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Stop waiting for the Prince...

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re busy picking up gifts for our children, our husbands, our parents, our sweethearts, even our friends.

But have you ever thought about giving yourself the gift of self love?

As women, we are all to often taught that a Prince is going to sweep us off our feet and we’ll live happily ever after. Then when we do fall in love, we expect those first romantic feelings to last forever.

We think we know what love should look like and what our partners should say and do to show us how much they care.

Boy, do we end up disappointed.

What I’ve come to realize is that we don’t even really know what we want and need for ourselve, and yet we expect our loved ones to know. The truth is, loving yourself is the root of loving others.

When we truly know ourselves and can accept ourselves fully and completely, then we’re more fully able to love others.

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Do you extend as much kindness, compassion and forgiveness to yourself as you do to others?

You wouldn’t dream of not feeding your children or not putting them to bed when they are tired, or telling them how stupid they are when they make a mistake.

So this Valentine’s Day, I invite you to look at how you treat yourself. Then come up with some ways to really nourish and nurture youself. Self-nurturing takes less time and money than you think. And it will pay back big in many ways the more you do it.

It may be spending time alone, changing your self talk, learning to love your body, going shopping or spending time with your friends, journaling, reading, exercising, learning something new. I’m sure you can come up with even more on your own.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear ways that you enjoy nourishing and nurturing yourself. The more ideas we generate together, the more powerful and loving we all become.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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