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Too Stressed to Come In?

I often get people canceling their appointments at the last minute because “they are too stressed to come in.” I find a lot of humor in this because that is the exact reason you are coming to see me — to reduce your stress! And now is the absolute perfect time to see how well Craniosacral Therapy can help you do this.

Let me give you a little anatomy lesson and the reason you should not cancel your appointment! Your nervous system has two parts to it: the parasympathetic branch, which is for rest and digestion, and the sympathetic branch, which is that “fight or flight” part of the brain.

Set the sympathetic off, and that is what is supposed to happen: the sympathetic branch is the protective part of the brain, which will save your life in a crisis. However, what tends to happen is that the sympathetic part gets revved up and does not come back to the neutral point, so to speak. Instead we have more stress and it gets revved up higher and higher without resetting.

When this happens, stress chemicals keep getting sent to the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, liver and adrenals. This keeps your body in a high state of alert, which increases the occurrence of stress-related diseases and more rapid aging.

Craniosacral therapy helps reset the nervous system and unwind stress from your tissues!

It also helps you reconnect to yourself so you can get a clearer picture of why you are so stressed, and how you can deal with it better in the present and the future. Many life-changing “aha” moments happen on the table!

So next time you are “too stressed to come in,” I invite you to just come in anyway. It might be just what you need to reconnect, regroup and rejuvenate!

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