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20 Life Changing Lessons from 20 years of being an Occupational Therapist

Swing Time

Time flies! It's hard to believe that I have been an Occupational Therapist for 20 years. I have learned a few life changing lessons along the way. With careful reflection, I share those lessons below. Enjoy!

1. Loving what you do, takes the effort out of working.

2. You don’t grow without getting out of your comfort zone

3. Education is a whole new thing when you can take the classes you LOVE. Now I like to call myself “A life-long learner.”

4. Without your health you have nothing

5. The power of your thoughts creates your reality

6. I have met such wonderful colleagues, friends and clients over the past 20 years. You have all touched me more than I have touched you

7. I will never know on how many levels I have impacted someone. I often run into people that I have not seen in years. They will say, “Do you remember this session…it changed my life or it impacted me this way…SMILE, TEARS

8. Diet and Nutrition are fundamental for the body. These are the raw materials that allow the brain to change

9. It is important to meet people where they are at; clients have to find the value and make the changes for themselves in order for them to stick

10. Sleep can do wonders for the body. This is what allows the brain to repair and rejuvenate.

11. It takes a village to work with special needs children. There are so many layers and pieces to the puzzle.

12. Everything that has ever happened to you is recorded in the body!

13. Stress is the ultimate dis-ease.

14. I learned how to use a computer, watch webinars and SKYPE. It is an invaluable tool for an OT. Just today I had a parent conference by SKYPE. I also have parent’s video exercises or home programs on their phones so they know exactly what to do at home.

15. Trusting the universe, God or whatever you believe in. There is always support available.

16. Setting an intention is powerful. As the late Dr. Upledger used to say, “The shortest distance between two points is intention.”

17. Playing and Laughter is important no matter how old you are. I have the greatest job in the world, I get to play all day!

18. Social connections and having a support system are fundamental for humans. Neurologically we are wired for this type of engagement.

19. Occupational Therapy is about saying, “I can” no matter what the situation. It may not look the same way as it was before but one must be able to adapt and be flexible.

20. I have learned that having a positive attitude, plus finding the learning opportunity and benefit of hard situations is invaluable.

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